New website open!


Finally, my new website open today!

I had prepared for this since this summer so I'm very happy to be able to face this day.


The first time I had own website was about seven years ago. 

Time flied so quick, surprisingly.


And thorough the period, pop-up opened many doors and showed me so many things.

So I decided to renewal my website to make it be match to my heart.


Anyway, web site design and top page movie are created by "GRAPHAS".

Mr. Yoshinaga did very polite and professional work as always!

Then beautiful impressive photograph on top page by my lovely friends, Fiona and Triona.

I appreciate to your all kindness.Thank you so much.


I'll put my current work, infomation and so on to here.

Hope you enjoy.


By for now.





News   2015/11/13   武田 裕美


[ Congratulations! ]
Congratulations on your new website Hiromi! Difficult to do justice to your amazing pop up cards and the swooshing sound they make when you open them :) Your passion shines through.More than a card: they are each a unique and collectable work of art.Every best wish.
Fiona (Glens of Antrim, N.Ireland)
[ Hiromi ]
to Fiona

Thank you for your comment, Fiona. I appreciate with each word you selected for me...
Please do not forget that your pic made this website possible to be looked nice. And you are very important character in the story.



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