Japanese folk tale "Kachi-Kachi Mountain"



It has been a long long time(almost 3 months!) since I last posted.

How have you been so far?

Anyway, this is my latest pop-up.

It is about a Japanese folk tale called "Kachi-Kachi Mountain" .

To put it simply, this story is about a mischievous raccoon dog who tricks a farmer into eating his wife, and a rabbit intent on punishing the raccoon dog for his evil deed.

And this scene is about the rabbit light the fire to the raccoon dog's back laggage in order to punish him. In the end of the story, the raccoon dog drown in the river ridding on a boat recommended by the rabbit. Because it is made by sand.


Here are some pictures taken closer.


Surprizing racoon dog






The rabbit appears from behind the rock



They are in the forest surrounded by bamboo



Then here is the link to the You Tube.

It's only 30 seconds, so please have a look and hope you enjoy.




Bye for now!

Hiromi Takeda

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  2016/04/03   武田 裕美