[Fuchsia pop-up] Pattern finished!




Hi, everyone. How are you?

Today, my city- Kyoto(JAPAN) is having a heavy rain again!

How about there??


Today, I'm gonna talk about the progress of "Fuchsia"pop-up. 

I've just finished designing a pattern for it.


Before I finished it up, there were many mis-placements and over-expressions!

So I cut some parts out and did my best to find the purified figure.



These are parts which I removed. LOTS!!!



And I also finely adjusted the area of blanc space in basement.

It's very important for my pop-up art work.





Next stage of process is "Reproducing while refining a pattern ".

I'll talk next time.


Have a nice day!


Hiromi Takeda(武田 裕美)

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for art   2016/01/29   武田 裕美

[Fuchsia pop-up] Start making!




Hi, everyone. How are you?

Today, my city- Kyoto(JAPAN) have a heavy rain and it's cold.

How about there? Lots of sun shine? Or snowy?


Any way, today I want to talk about my art work.


I have just started making a new pop-up!

The motief is "Fuchsia" flower which I saw in Nothern Ireland.


This flower reminds me wonderful days at there and

I just like her because I can feel her strong-minded

(not only its cute appearance) some how.


Now I'm sketching to make sure her proposion.


Hope I can show you a finished figure in a few month.


Have a nice day!



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New Year Greetings!


News   2016/01/04   武田 裕美