New pop-up「 I Bloom and Bloom」


Today, I introduce my new pop-up art work titled " I Bloom and Bloom".

Motif is Camellia japonica.



I Bloom and Bloom







How was it?

I used "Washi", Japanese paper this time. Actually, it was not easy to use the paper for pop-up mechanisms, but it had deep meaning for me to use as a Japanese.


Hope you like.


for art   2017/05/02   武田 裕美


[ Judy ]
I love how I bloom I bloom just pops off the page and actually grows. Would love to learn how this was designed.
[ Hiromi ]
Hi. Judy.
Thank you for your watching my pop-up video and sending me a message. This pop-up art work "I Bloom and I Bloom" was designed by normal way. Made lots of prototypes, made die-line data, did art works, printed, cut and assembled. Hope I could answer what you wanted to know. Thank you.
[ Judy ]
Do you have this for sale or a kit that one can make it?


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