New pop-up「 I Bloom and Bloom」


Today, I introduce my new pop-up art work titled " I Bloom and Bloom".

Motif is Camellia japonica.



I Bloom and Bloom







How was it?

I used "Washi", Japanese paper this time. Actually, it was not easy to use the paper for pop-up mechanisms, but it had deep meaning for me to use as a Japanese.


Hope you like.


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for art   2017/05/02   武田 裕美

Time to cut off the edge!

Now I'm making a "Camellia japonica" pop-up.

And it is time to cut off the edge after finish assembling!




Then I'll write a sign at the right bottom corner.

In English? Japanese?

Maybe English.


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for art   2017/04/24   武田 裕美

Making a new pop-up"Camellia japonica"



It has been a while since I wrote last post. Sorry.


Japan where I live is about to welcome in the beautiful cherry blossom season.

I can see  so many foreign people from all over the world. But the best time for cherry blosson in our city will be later, I think.

In stead of cherry blossom, we can see lots of Camellia japonica with full bloom anywhere.

And now I am making a new pop-up whose motif is "Camellia japonica".


And here is just a 54 seconds movie which shows the scene of assembling a white mockup.

Hope you enjoy.(Silent movie)



How was it?

I may show other making scene if I have a chance.

Bye for now.


Hiromi Takeda(武田 裕美)


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for art   2017/04/03   武田 裕美

Happy New Year 2017


スクリーンショット 2017-01-04 21.54.01.png


Happy New Year 2017 !!!


Hope your cham, talent, life, work, hobby,

family, love etc... will bloom in full

like this Camellia!!!!


Hiromi Takeda

武田 裕美

for art   2017/01/05   武田 裕美