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New pop-up「 I Bloom and Bloom」


Today, I introduce my new pop-up art work titled " I Bloom and Bloom".

Motif is Camellia japonica.



I Bloom and Bloom







How was it?

I used "Washi", Japanese paper this time. Actually, it was not easy to use the paper for pop-up mechanisms, but it had deep meaning for me to use as a Japanese.


Hope you like.


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for art   2017/05/02   武田 裕美

Time to cut off the edge!

Now I'm making a "Camellia japonica" pop-up.

And it is time to cut off the edge after finish assembling!




Then I'll write a sign at the right bottom corner.

In English? Japanese?

Maybe English.


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for art   2017/04/24   武田 裕美

Making a new pop-up"Camellia japonica"



It has been a while since I wrote last post. Sorry.


Japan where I live is about to welcome in the beautiful cherry blossom season.

I can see  so many foreign people from all over the world. But the best time for cherry blosson in our city will be later, I think.

In stead of cherry blossom, we can see lots of Camellia japonica with full bloom anywhere.

And now I am making a new pop-up whose motif is "Camellia japonica".


And here is just a 54 seconds movie which shows the scene of assembling a white mockup.

Hope you enjoy.(Silent movie)



How was it?

I may show other making scene if I have a chance.

Bye for now.


Hiromi Takeda(武田 裕美)


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for art   2017/04/03   武田 裕美

renewal the "for art" page




I renewed the "for art" page.

So you can see bigger image first

and then will see whole image when you click.

Here is the link of the page.

Hope you enjoy.

for art   2016/11/16   武田 裕美

Flower Pop-up 〜 Fuchsia 〜



Re-book binded pop-up "Fuchsia".

So it is single page pop-up.


When you open,

you will see one small bee fly from behind leaves

and Fushsia flower dance with her legs waving.






for art   2016/11/09   武田 裕美

Gift book: Wild Flower Bouquet



Today I'm going to show you my new work "Wild Flower Bouquet for gift book."

Some pictures I took, so please have a look.

This pop-up consists of more than 15parts and the base.

I also book binding and making a slip case by my self.












How is it?

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for art   2016/10/24   武田 裕美

[for art] Making 5copies of my first pop-up artist book



Hello everyone.

These days we were having a big typhoon in Japan.

My city- Kyoto had strong wind, rain and thunder,

but no damage surround me.


Anyway, today I write about making 5copies of my

pop-up artist book"Sensible Flowers".



Firstly, this is my first time to making book copies.

I have made lots of pop-up greeting cards, but book.


So it was not easy to find the best way

to get it done beautifully as its original.


Look at these are parts.

While I assembling, I noticed that I lost one smallest part!




And now I finished assembling.

Booking is also finished!


Hope people at the conference enjoy this!


Hiromi Takeda

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for art   2016/09/09   武田 裕美

[for art] Review of work in June①



Hello everyone!

Here is 35℃ now in Kyoto Japan. It's very humid and hot.

Thousands of cicadas are making noise all day....


Anyway, today I'm gonna write about a pop-up book binding

which I did in the beginning of June. 


Firstly, I reproduced the same book then binded on trial.




At that time, I had forgotten to cut each four corners.

The trial made sense!!!


Secondly, I sticked all pages together, cut each side off and colored it gold.






And finally, I binded like below.




The most favorite arrangement is to put a Japanese WASHI on the first page to get reader invited in my pop-up art world.




I have entried to a pop-up artist book prize in the end of June, so I'll show inside when it will be allowed to.


And next, I'll write about making book case.


Bye for now.

Hiromi Takeda

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for art   2016/08/01   武田 裕美

[for art] Review of work in May④



I colored "Fuchsia" using gansai in the end of May.

Petal's color is red and white.

I tried to make its atmosphere Japanese.



And I colored leaves and bubs like below.

(Sorry I only have monocolor picture...)

Anyway,This coloring is for the basement.




I finished coloring till the end of May.

So next my task was "BOOK BINDING"!


It was very hard work than I thought, actually.

And I also realized that the world of book binding is very very deep.

I'll write about how I binded my pop-up art works.



Have a nice weekend,

Hiromi Takeda

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for art   2016/07/29   武田 裕美

[for art] Review of work in May③



I colored "Japanese Iris" using gansai in the middle of May.

Petal's color is indigo blue which is one of the Japanese traditional color.




And I colored leaves like below.




As you can see, art work became somehow kind of Japanese taste.

So about next motief - Fuchsia, I should tried coloring it to match this taste.


I'll write about Fuchsia coloring soon.


Have a nice day,

Hiromi Takeda

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for art   2016/07/20   武田 裕美