renewal the "for art" page




I renewed the "for art" page.

So you can see bigger image first

and then will see whole image when you click.

Here is the link of the page.

Hope you enjoy.

for art   2016/11/16   武田 裕美

Fuchsia mini version




Today I re-sized "Fuchsia" pop-up.

Original size is 380mm * 240mm then

this one's is 170mm * 240mm.

So if it is ready for sale, we can put it into the emvelope and send.


I would re-size other work later.

for art   2016/11/11   武田 裕美

Gift book: Wild Flower Bouquet



Today I'm going to show you my new work "Wild Flower Bouquet for gift book."

Some pictures I took, so please have a look.

This pop-up consists of more than 15parts and the base.

I also book binding and making a slip case by my self.












How is it?

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for art   2016/10/24   武田 裕美

The Movable Book Society's conference in Boston!



Hell everyone.

Today I'm going to write about the conference which was held in Boston this 15th-17th.

I attended only in 17th but had a great-irreplaceable experience at there.


Firstly, this was my second visit to America.

(I had lived in NY when I was baby for only 7 months! Unfortunately, no memories! )

But my nervousness was huge by some reasons.


Anyway, the conference was great than I had imagined.

So many wonderful paper-engineers, artists, designers,

collecters were all together... what a exciting place it was!

What's more, people were all very kind for me,

so I enjoyed and studied a lot.


My biggest surpirize at this conference is

I can realized "Pop-up can do much much more than I think!"

Because pop-up can be useful in scientific world and other world!


And I got a passion towards changing Japanese recognition

such as "Pop-up is only for Children's book."

and establishing what is the Japanese pop-up beauty.


Thank you for all I met at the conference.

I do appreciate with your kindness and this opportunity.


Hope I can see , talk to you all again and show and see my/your new works in the future.




Hiromi Takeda

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  2016/09/28   武田 裕美