renewal the "for art" page




I renewed the "for art" page.

So you can see bigger image first

and then will see whole image when you click.

Here is the link of the page.


Hope you enjoy.

for art   2016/11/16   武田 裕美

Fuchsia mini version




Today I re-sized "Fuchsia" pop-up.

Original size is 380mm * 240mm then

this one's is 170mm * 240mm.

So if it is ready for sale, we can put it into the emvelope and send.


I would re-size other work later.

for art   2016/11/11   武田 裕美

Flower Pop-up 〜 Fuchsia 〜



Re-book binded pop-up "Fuchsia".

So it is single page pop-up.


When you open,

you will see one small bee fly from behind leaves

and Fushsia flower dance with her legs waving.






for art   2016/11/09   武田 裕美