The Movable Book Society's conference in Boston!



Hell everyone.

Today I'm going to write about the conference which was held in Boston this 15th-17th.

I attended only in 17th but had a great-irreplaceable experience at there.


Firstly, this was my second visit to America.

(I had lived in NY when I was baby for only 7 months! Unfortunately, no memories! )

But my nervousness was huge by some reasons.


Anyway, the conference was great than I had imagined.

So many wonderful paper-engineers, artists, designers,

collecters were all together... what a exciting place it was!

What's more, people were all very kind for me,

so I enjoyed and studied a lot.


My biggest surpirize at this conference is

I can realized "Pop-up can do much much more than I think!"

Because pop-up can be useful in scientific world and other world!


And I got a passion towards changing Japanese recognition

such as "Pop-up is only for Children's book."

and establishing what is the Japanese pop-up beauty.


Thank you for all I met at the conference.

I do appreciate with your kindness and this opportunity.


Hope I can see , talk to you all again and show and see my/your new works in the future.




Hiromi Takeda

  2016/09/28   武田 裕美



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