[for art] Making 5copies of my first pop-up artist book



Hello everyone.

These days we were having a big typhoon in Japan.

My city- Kyoto had strong wind, rain and thunder,

but no damage surround me.


Anyway, today I write about making 5copies of my

pop-up artist book"Sensible Flowers".



Firstly, this is my first time to making book copies.

I have made lots of pop-up greeting cards, but book.


So it was not easy to find the best way

to get it done beautifully as its original.


Look at these are parts.

While I assembling, I noticed that I lost one smallest part!




And now I finished assembling.

Booking is also finished!


Hope people at the conference enjoy this!


Hiromi Takeda

for art   2016/09/09   武田 裕美



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