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[for art] Review of work in May②



Hi, how are you?

It's cloudy today here. How about there?


Today, I'm gonna write about a coloring of Rhododendron pop-up in May.


May: Start coloring a Rhododendron pop-up by useing a Japanese painting"gansai".


Before started coloring, I had decided to use "gansai" which is paint used in Japanese paintings.

This is my first challenge to use it so that it took a time till I could be accustomed to.

And this is main parts of Rhododendron pop-up.




What do you think about it?


I colored white and pink as petals and blu-green as leaves.

And putted some tiny gold on the edge of stamen.

It's a delicate expressions, actually, but I love this way. 


Anyway, I finished coloring Rhododendron about 1 week.

And next motif was "Iris ensata".


I'll write about it soon.



Have a nice weekend, everyone.



Kind Regards,

Hiromi Takeda

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for art   2016/07/17   武田 裕美

[for art] Review of work in May①



Hi, how are you?

It's rainy today here. How about there?


Today, I'm gonna write about a work in May.


May: Start making a 3work's die-line data by illustrator

After finish designing patterns for 3 works: Iris, Fuchsia and Rhododendron,

I started making their die-line data by using an illustrator.

That process isn't so hard for me that I could make it done sooner than I thought.


However, I repeated lots of fine adjustment not only on degital but also by hand.

Then I could finish making all die-line data for them in the middle of May.


So next step is coloring.

It is one of the most important process because it determinewhether my works are attractive or not.


I needed much more concentration.



To be continued...



Hiromi Takeda

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for art   2016/07/13   武田 裕美

[for art] Review of work in April



Hi, how are you?

It's been long time since I wrote before...


I've been little busy but I'll restart to writing this diary from now.

So firstly, I want to review a work in April!


April: Start designing a Rhododendron's pattern


In the begining of April, I was about to design a new pattern.

And I selected "Rhododendron" as a motif.

So at that moment, I had been making three works at the same time

:"Iris ensata", "Fuchsia" and "Rhododendron".


Anyway, I had started making a mock-up as a first step!




Endless trial and error!





close to catch a proper pattern...




put a small tree frog on ...




This pattern needed about one month to be finished.

I think it's not too long for me. What do you think?


Anyway, I did next stage(scan and making a die-line) in next month-May.

I'll write about it soon.



Hiromi Takeda

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for art   2016/07/12   武田 裕美

[Fuchsia pop-up] Pattern finished!




Hi, everyone. How are you?

Today, my city- Kyoto(JAPAN) is having a heavy rain again!

How about there??


Today, I'm gonna talk about the progress of "Fuchsia"pop-up. 

I've just finished designing a pattern for it.


Before I finished it up, there were many mis-placements and over-expressions!

So I cut some parts out and did my best to find the purified figure.



These are parts which I removed. LOTS!!!



And I also finely adjusted the area of blanc space in basement.

It's very important for my pop-up art work.





Next stage of process is "Reproducing while refining a pattern ".

I'll talk next time.


Have a nice day!


Hiromi Takeda(武田 裕美)

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for art   2016/01/29   武田 裕美

[Fuchsia pop-up] Start making!




Hi, everyone. How are you?

Today, my city- Kyoto(JAPAN) have a heavy rain and it's cold.

How about there? Lots of sun shine? Or snowy?


Any way, today I want to talk about my art work.


I have just started making a new pop-up!

The motief is "Fuchsia" flower which I saw in Nothern Ireland.


This flower reminds me wonderful days at there and

I just like her because I can feel her strong-minded

(not only its cute appearance) some how.


Now I'm sketching to make sure her proposion.


Hope I can show you a finished figure in a few month.


Have a nice day!



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for art   2016/01/18   武田 裕美