[for art] Review of work in April



Hi, how are you?

It's been long time since I wrote before...


I've been little busy but I'll restart to writing this diary from now.

So firstly, I want to review a work in April!


April: Start designing a Rhododendron's pattern


In the begining of April, I was about to design a new pattern.

And I selected "Rhododendron" as a motif.

So at that moment, I had been making three works at the same time

:"Iris ensata", "Fuchsia" and "Rhododendron".


Anyway, I had started making a mock-up as a first step!




Endless trial and error!





close to catch a proper pattern...




put a small tree frog on ...




This pattern needed about one month to be finished.

I think it's not too long for me. What do you think?


Anyway, I did next stage(scan and making a die-line) in next month-May.

I'll write about it soon.



Hiromi Takeda

for art   2016/07/12   武田 裕美



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