[for art] Review of work in May①



Hi, how are you?

It's rainy today here. How about there?


Today, I'm gonna write about a work in May.


May: Start making a 3work's die-line data by illustrator

After finish designing patterns for 3 works: Iris, Fuchsia and Rhododendron,

I started making their die-line data by using an illustrator.

That process isn't so hard for me that I could make it done sooner than I thought.


However, I repeated lots of fine adjustment not only on degital but also by hand.

Then I could finish making all die-line data for them in the middle of May.


So next step is coloring.

It is one of the most important process because it determinewhether my works are attractive or not.


I needed much more concentration.



To be continued...



Hiromi Takeda

for art   2016/07/13   武田 裕美



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