[for art] Review of work in May②



Hi, how are you?

It's cloudy today here. How about there?


Today, I'm gonna write about a coloring of Rhododendron pop-up in May.


May: Start coloring a Rhododendron pop-up by useing a Japanese painting"gansai".


Before started coloring, I had decided to use "gansai" which is paint used in Japanese paintings.

This is my first challenge to use it so that it took a time till I could be accustomed to.

And this is main parts of Rhododendron pop-up.




What do you think about it?


I colored white and pink as petals and blu-green as leaves.

And putted some tiny gold on the edge of stamen.

It's a delicate expressions, actually, but I love this way. 


Anyway, I finished coloring Rhododendron about 1 week.

And next motif was "Iris ensata".


I'll write about it soon.



Have a nice weekend, everyone.



Kind Regards,

Hiromi Takeda

for art   2016/07/17   武田 裕美



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