[for art] Review of work in June①



Hello everyone!

Here is 35℃ now in Kyoto Japan. It's very humid and hot.

Thousands of cicadas are making noise all day....


Anyway, today I'm gonna write about a pop-up book binding

which I did in the beginning of June. 


Firstly, I reproduced the same book then binded on trial.




At that time, I had forgotten to cut each four corners.

The trial made sense!!!


Secondly, I sticked all pages together, cut each side off and colored it gold.






And finally, I binded like below.




The most favorite arrangement is to put a Japanese WASHI on the first page to get reader invited in my pop-up art world.




I have entried to a pop-up artist book prize in the end of June, so I'll show inside when it will be allowed to.


And next, I'll write about making book case.


Bye for now.

Hiromi Takeda

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